Welcome To Navina Industries Limited

Our core purpose is to build an agribusiness that doesn’t just generate millions in revenues, but also gives back to the society by contributing to Nigeria’s GDP through high volume exports, providing hundreds of jobs to the locals, and increasing the availability of cheap food in the nation.

Our Products

Classic Naija Soups Regular
Ready in 30 Minutes
Available in
Egusi Soup
Ogbono Soup
Bitter leaf Soup
Banga Soup
Gbegiri Ewedu and Stew
Classic Naija Soups All in One
Ready in 15 Minutes
Available in
Bitter Leaf
Classic Naija Instant Soups
Ready in 5 Minutes
Available in
Egusi Soup
Ogbono Soup
Bitterleaf Soup
Banga Soup, etc
Classic Naija Meals
Ready To Eat
Available in
Jollof Rice
Rice and Beans
Yam Porridge
Beans- Ewa Aganyi

Highlights Of Our Product Range

From sourcing our ingredients, to processing and packaging, We ensure airtight and safe packaging of all our soup products, to ensure that products remain free from contamination and leakage.
We believe our customers deserve to enjoy quality Nigerian cuisine, without breaking the bank. A pack of 310g makes one pot of soup for a family of 4.
Our products are an easier way to cooking delicious Nigerian cuisine in less than 15 minutes. Just add water or meat/fish stock and cook for a few minutes.
This is our MANTRA. We aim to make our products taste like "mama's good old soup", to give you the "homemade feeling".
All our ingredients are fresh from the farm, hygienically processed and packed.
Our products are packaged in a such a way that they have a long shelf life of up to 8 months, without loosing its nutrients or taste.

Over 7 Billion People Worldwide

This goes to say that we have over 7 Billion Potential Customers we can reach, If you join our team of distributors and we bring them these sumptuous and easy to prepare African Delicacies that cook in minutes.


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Our Distributors and Retail Partners