The office is not only a place for work. It’s also a potential market for making money. More than our neighbors and friends, the people we spend 8 hours a day with almost every day are the best customers we can have for our homemade goodies or personal services.

This is why it’s important to socialize and foster camaraderie among your officemates because they provide good leverage for selling and earning extra income.

Earn extra cash by converting your cubicles into profit centers. Our suggestions will help you increase your monthly earnings and eventually awaken the entrepreneur inside you.

The Challenge

Getting what to eat during breaks in the office is always a challenge for most people. This in itself creates an opportunity to make some cash. Whoever can bridge this gap will make cool cash for himself.

What happens right now is you call the cleaner to go out there and buy food for you with all its attendant risks. Who knows where they buy the food from and how hygienically prepared they are.

Our Solution

Open a virtual kitchen right there in your office and provide hot meals for your coworkers without the trouble of making those meals yourself. Meals can be served by the same cleaners designated by you. We will provide you with all the equipment and skills you need to make your virtual restaurant a success.


With our fully cooked and ready to eat meals, providing hot meals for your coworkers will be a breeze. Below are some of the benefits our solution provides;

Our Meals are fully cooked and ready to eat.

  • NAFDAC approved.
  • Very Delicious.
  • Virtual Kitchens are highly profitable and easy to setup.
  • Our meal packs have One (1) year shelf life.
  • You can start the business with very little capital.
  • Earn steady extra income monthly.

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